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Offshore Services without physical presence for Companies and Individuals

Take advantage of all the solutions that offshore economy offers you today by setting up a company and opening bank account in countries with tax rate of 0%, eliminate your income taxes and protect your assets. 

The offshore economy has grown significantly in the last years principally due to the economic crisis that we are living right now. Before that, the use of offshore jurisdictions was restricted to investments of big companies, businessmen, emigrants, exiles and persons with high purchasing power. Nowadays, thanks to the liberation of capital flow in the countries with high taxation, any person or company can make offshore investments and legal tax minimization. While going through globalization, fiscal pressure, migration and social changes, a lot of companies and individuals feel obliged to seek for a secure territory where their capital and belongings will be well saved and protected. The offshore economy that is to say, an offshore investment of any person or commercial entity in a country different from its place of residence, possesses enormous dimensions and every time more is linked to onshore economies of many countries becoming one of the largest businesses in the world.


OBS E-Commerce Consulting Ltd is a company specializing on offshore bank accounts opening and offshore company formations in the most tax favorable jurisdictions in the world with no physical presence required. We offer offshore services in countries with the most secure and developed tributary systems, giving you the opportunity to protect your personal assets, make legal tax minimization and take your company to an international level.The range of offshore services that offers OBS E-Commerce Consulting Ltd is very wide and includes: personal and corporate offshore bank account opening, offshore company formations, Offshore Payment gateway processing for businesses all over the world, offshore cards, online gambling license and our own offshore invoice Billing software.

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Offshore Economy: Advantages

The best way to protect your assets and reduce your tax liability in your home country is through an offshore. Take a closer look at the advantages that you can obtain.

  • No taxes for offshore companies or individuals.
  • Fast Offshore company formation, no travelling and all via the Internet.
  • Anonymity is strictly guaranteed to the beneficiaries of offshore companies and offshore bank accounts.
  • Register offshore company and eliminate direct and indirect taxation on shipping.
  • Avoid social security payments of a country where your offshore company is located.
  • You do not have to pay a company capital in order to register you offshore company.
  • Eliminate the economic constraints of your country through offshore company formations and take advantage of all offshore company services worldwide.
  • The offshore company and offshore bank account can be operated from anywhere in the world.
  • You will not be required to submit annual accounts and audits for your offshore company.
  • Offshore company formation allows you to avoid any restrictions on capital flows.
  • Protect your assets against the claims of potential litigants with our offshore privacy services
  • Go offshore and create an image of a global and internationally oriented company.
  • The possibility to manage the offshore company from your country of residence.
  • Register offshore company and avoid physical infrastructure set-up complications.
  • Establishment of offshore company in bearer share form for complete anonymity.
  • In tax havens your offshore company and offshore bank account have a high political and financial stability.
  • As a part of our offshore company services we offer you a professional advice on any Jurisdiction that you choose for your business.
  • Offshore Company formation gives you the possibility of turn your local company into an international business.

Register Offshore Company and Offshore Bank Accounts: Uses

The possibilities that an offshore company and bank account can provide you are infinite. Take a closer look at the wide range of uses of offshore investments made outside of your home country. 

  • Offshore company formation is a very useful tool for International trading, manufacturing, investment, consultancy and insurance companies.
  • E-Commerce, doing business through internet: Travel agents, online casinos, electronic shops, software stores, forex,  hardware sales, selling professional services and tangible products.
  • Register offshore company outside of European Union and avoid EU VAT charges.
  • Make purchases on behalf of offshore company without displaying the name of the beneficial owner.
  • Making sales on behalf of the offshore company anywhere in the world.
  • Investment securities, real estate, currencies and many others offshore company services of foreign exchange market.
  • Buy and sell property anywhere in the world as a part of offshore company services.
  • Have an offshore bank account in any country in the name of your company.
  • Export and Import your goods and services to/from any country in the world.
  • Register offshore company and request flexible offshore company loans.
  • Exploitation, management and transfer of intellectual property rights, trademark and copyrights.
  • Accounting services for your offshore company as a part of our offshore company services.
  • With offshore companies incorporation you can have a rented property, vehicles...
  • Offshore privacy service for your company and asset protection for beneficiaries.
  • Register offshore company and carry on your business and e-commerce in any country in the world.
  • Open offshore payment gateway on behalf of the Offshore Company allows you to accept payments by Visa /MasterCard.
  • Companies formations can be used as an opportunity to accumulate your returns in tax-free zone and distribute them later with larger flexibility.